Fridge Not Working Well With Analogue Thermostat?

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Hey guys,
I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Grain and Grape in Victoria to make my first ale, one of those items being a fridgemate analogue thermostat - This one here: . It requires no installation, just plug into the mains and tape a probe to the inside of the fridge and away you go. Ive have problems using it, but im guessing it is the fridge. The thermostat works, but only at 15 degrees, once I go to turn the dial to 18 degrees, the fridge cuts out. I can hear the motor at the back of the fridge cutting in and out violently, and I'm worried i'll damage the fridge itself. The fridge is fairly old, a large 400 litre westinghouse which I purchased cheap and replaced the seal. Although old, it has been working perfectly without the thermostat for a few weeks. Is there anything I can do without calling in a fridge mechanic? I'm not wanting to spend any more coin on the setup. I've called grain and grape to ask if there's been anything like this that has happened with the product and old fridges etc... I'm thinking it may be an incompatibility issue. I don't doubt for an instant the product is faulty, and they have a good reputation. Although i'm aware it isn't rocket science, I know nothing of how fridges work either. Any suggestions would be great.
I got a temp controller from this guy:

Connect your fridge and heat band at the same time to control both.
Set the desired temp to within 0.1 degrees. You can also set a "tolerance level" meaning for example with a 0.5 degree tolerance it will go 0.5 degrees over your desired temp before cooling, or below your temp before heating. So your fridge/heater isn't constantly cutting in and out. You can also set a "compressor delay" to help with this too.
It's an analogue dial on the thermostat... I don't have a heat band. I can hear a 'click' type noise when the dial hit the 15 degree mark, anything above or below that and the fridge cuts out. It also has a defrost feature, the fridge that is. Unsure if that has anything to do with it.
Sorry, when i say "cut out", it seems to bypass the temp control from the external unit im running the power through, and be controlled via the fridge's original internal thermostat, which at the moment is set onto the least cold setting available, yet is still at 10 degrees.
I would set the original thermostat to max cooling, and let the new device control the on-off.
Sounds like the original thermostat is cutting out the cooling.
Ok thanks Mike. Really annoys me these simple little things that shouldnt be causing issues.
Logic - 1, My illogical reasoning - 0. *ding* Round 2.
the motor delay on the fridge might also be playing funny games if your turning dials back and forth

but +1 on turn the fridge to "coldest"
if you're not sure whether the thermostat has a delay, stick the probe in a bottle of water.
Also try and unplug the fridge and plug in a bed lamp at the setting where the fridge is clicking on/off. See if the bed lamp is flashing, then you will isolate if the controller is at fault.

All sorted. Original fridge thermostat on medium setting, fridge thermostat set to 22 degrees - equates to 18-19 degree constant temp. For whatever reason, setting the original thermostat to maximum setting was causing the temp to drop significantly, obviously the fridgemate wasn't overiding this setting and found it hard to get a balance. Whatever the case, I don't care too much for an analysis, I now for the first time, have a constant temp and it's time to start on the ale! :D

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