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(BNE) 140L bar fridge (ferment or kegs)

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Read the spiel below but the tl;dr is:
-use with external thermostat
-quiet, chills to 2 deg no problem
-fit 2 full size cornies or just a 30L plastic fermenter (I think it would also fit a ss brewbucket too)
-it’s only $30, pick up 4051

Westinghouse RA141S-R bar fridge used for home brew.

Will need to use with an external thermostat as internal is broken. Can include a ‘mashmaster fridgemate’ - haven’t calibrated but probe seems to be working (came with the fridge I now have but I have an inkbird already).

Works great and no problem cold crashing (usually set to 2 degrees).
Runs nice and quiet.

Cooling plate is bent down for more space, as a result the thermostat no longer works- never mattered as it was purely a fermenting fridge so used with an external thermostat (inkbird, stc1000 etc).

Small split in seal along the top - but not all the way through so doesn’t cause any issues.

Temp knob / assembly was unscrewed to get the extra space and just rests on top of the keg when it’s in there. Can easily be screwed back on.

Door has also been cut back to fit more in - can *squeeze* two corny kegs (the taller slimmer ones). It’s a tight fit but it can work (I’ve done it)!

Can also fit 5L demijon or half keg (I’ve only tried with Chinese 10 or 12L so not sure about the 9.5L mini cornies). That was my way of getting a full keg and maybe a couple of bottles by splitting the batch and fermenting under pressure. Plus it means you can do two beers at once (in a bar fridge)!

I now have its big brother (almost identical with slightly larger capacity) so this is now surplus to my needs.

Pick up Enoggera 4051