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HI Everyone.
Just letting people around Lawton Fruit and vege shop know that they had some nice fresh ginger for sale at the moment. It was around $12/kg. I just made a batch of Chapos GB up so will see how it goes. Nice and clean ginger.
jeez thats cheap.

At what part of the process did you add the ginger and how did you prepare it (shredded, mulched, pulped etc)

Really interested in seeing a good, all natural ingredients ginger beer.
Hi KB,
I followed Chappos recipe except for the 2 Kgs of sugar. Only added 200grams so will have to see if I get some fermentation. Hit 1.015. So looking at a very low or no alc GB. I just put some water in the food processor and blended all the ginger in that. Putting 2cm bits in at a time.
The ginger was great as nice clean skin and a nice strong ginger bite. Will let you know how it goes. Should hopefully be fermenting at the moment. I am looking at stopping fermentation around 1.005. Then cold chilling and bottling.

This actually fermented out to 1.002. in less than two days. I am now cold chilling and looking at adding lactose so will see how it goes for sweetness.

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