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The Dean WA
I reserve the right to post this information on an Australian registered web site, any moderation or alteration will be acted on as a violation of my freedom of speech.
We no longer live in WWII era. USA congress in the last few day has backed right away from any form off Internet control.
Your site is not beyond the scope of freedom of speech, yet you claim no bias ?

Admin Edit (Dane): This was originally posted in The Pub, with a slightly more emotionally driven title, which I edited.

The topic quickly got out of hands and essentially ended up being a slanging match so I deleted the topic.

Gryphon Brewing has requested that his post be made available otherwise he was going to seek legal advice/action.

In an effort of full transparency, I've made his post visible and moved it into the Off Topic area where it belongs.

Cheers, Dane

Admin Edit II (Dane):
I previously stated that Gryphon Brewing created this thread with a more 'emotionally driven title', which I subsequently edited. This was not the case and I was mistaken, the thread in question was another thread that we were moderation at the same time.

The thread title you currently see is in it's original form and it has not been edited.

I've personally apologized to Gryphon Brewing and I did not intend to confuse the situation or cause any misunderstanding.
This is an Internet board run by a private concern. Just like I reserve the right to what is painted on a wall inside my house, so does AHB.
No you are wrong and that statement offends me, get where I am going with this ?
Moderators please explain why some posts concerning commercial interest are modded yet offensive religious slander and abusive language is ignored.
Yeah. We were all better off when the person making the slur about someone's race/gender/religion/sexual orientation ect. decided if it was offensive. Insert sarcasm emoticon.
Yes , but its about the liberty or freedom of speech that concerns me, not being a black gay extract brewer.
I have seen so much slanderous defamatory statements that goes ignored.
I'm confused. Are you saying there is too much moderation that impacts on our liberties or not enough moderation so defamatory remarks passed unnoticed?

Dane indicated moderation will increase, which IMHO is a good thing due to the excessive trolling and/or moronic comments in the last year or so. My vote goes for handing out yellow and red cards for infractions of the rules. That should hopefully rid AHB of some of the morons.
Basically, this stems from the post from a AHB member not having a good time at Holgate brewery, fair enough his call and his opinion. But to have the thread removed reaks of commercial ties (my opinion only).
If I have been slagged, I cop it fair and square , I tend to learn from this, if its slander its different, then the right of response is open . Ian from HG took that opportunity of response. Now the thread has been deleted there is no right of response open to the OP.
If I post I have less tan 30 mins before I can delete my opinion so I wear it. I believe in this case Dane has done the wrong thing unless there is some justification for his actions we dont know about.
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