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Free Steel Storage Unit

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Gday all...

As title, free Industrial steel shelving unit... Ideal for storing grain or gear... 1800 x 1750 x 480

Excess to my needs, been sitting in my yard for a few months some some slight surface rust.

Will need the shelving replaced with some marine ply- I can supply some but not all material for this.

I also have some Coopers crown longnecks to go for free with the shelving.

I would accept a single bottle of your finest homebrew as payment :) (lol)

I am located at roselands sydney... ring me on 0433 191 108 or PM me... I would prefer pickup this week as Im on holidays so can help with removal...


Item was listed on ebay but buyer cannot arrange transport for a few weeks but I need it gone ASAP- hence its FREE- some pics can be seen in the old ebay ad...

if only you was in Bundy, it would be in my car port by now :lol:
item's gone... but ... if it "comes back"

I'd be interested :)

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