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Free (seq) Chest Freezer 200lt

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I have a 200lt Malleys 'Tucker Box' Chest Freezer that my Grandfather no longer needs.

He is a happy to let it go in return for a six-pack of your finest brews!

It is located in Toowoomba, but I can easily drop it to Brisbane for someone.

Interior measurements are 540mm x 500mm x 760mm Deep. It would allow 2 kegs beside the compressor hump and if you put a collar on it, another 2 on the hump.


Someone grab this before I do... I don't need another freezer.... I don't need another freezer.... I don't need another freezer.....
Freezer Gone! ~ thanks!

Merry Christmas!


If only I got my lazy ass out of bed a bit earlier. This is going to be my next project. Any one else in Brissy got a Grandaddy with a tuckerbox just taking up valuable space?
Cheers Ben, thanks very much indeed, it works a treat! :icon_cheers:
Folks, there's some very thoughtful and generous AHBers out there, raising a glass to them- what a truly awesome community! Merry Christmas! :beer:

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