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320l Westinghouse Chest Freezer

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Adam Howard

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I have a surplus 320L chest freezer that I was going to convert into a kegerator but due to the size constraints of the house I've just moved in to I will be grabbing my normal fridge keg setup and run that next to a fermenting fridge in the space that the chesty takes up.

I'll take $200 for the freezer. I bought it off eBay a couple of months ago and it's only really been either switched off or running at 6 degrees via a temp controller since then. I have it up for sale on Gumtree and a bloke came (with his refrigeration mechanic) to have a look. There is a rattle to the compressor when it turns off but when it's running it sounds like a normal compressor. Running it at serving temps means it turns on about 4 times a day so I'd expect a few years out of it yet.

Conservative estimate is that it'll fit 8-9 kegs with a collar to allow a couple on the hump. If it was run with a basic 4x2 collar to allow safe drilling for taps and gas line I was going to go with 6 kegs on the floor and two party kegs on the hump or keep that space for bottled beer.

Location: King's Park, Victoria