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Beer Idiot
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I've just cleaned out my brewing toolbox and have the following things available for anyone interested...


  • hop sock (stained green from hops, but in good condition)
  • old style bottle capper
  • carbonation drops (one pack unopened)
  • a couple of sterile sealed collection containers
  • 3 pharmeceutical containers with childproof lids (handy for yeast storage)
  • sediment filter for water filter
  • some baby teats (useful for cutting out custom silicon o-rings)
  • sight glass and screw thread thing off my urn

If anyone can use anything and wants to pick them up from Bayswater, just send me a PM. Happy to split or if you want it all, it's yours.
i'm guessing he doesn't want much for it all....
Nothing. It's free. Not even a homebrew. But it's a long drive from Bunbury!
My brother is going to Perth Sunday I think but they got a baby and prolly won't wanna run around. I'll talk to him see what he says but don't hold if someone wants it give it away
Sure thing! Hopsock gone, rest still available...

I'll PM you my details.