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Free: Glass Demijohn For Perth Brewers

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The Bludgeon Brewery
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I have inherited a couple of 4 or 5 litre glass bottles with swing-top grolsch-like lids. They would be perfect for starters or if you can find a seal to fit the swing-top, you could even bottle beer in them.

I already have one that I use for starters and these ones are just taking up space. I will bring them to the brew-day at Asher's for collection.

Asher, if you want one you can have one as thanks for hosting the brew day. The other one is up for grabs to the first poster who will be coming to asher's brew day. The runner up will score only in Asher doesn't want it.
Well done fridge.

The other one goes to Asher if he wants it or to the next poster to bags it.
Cool a freebee from deebee ;-)
Ill take it...
It will come in handy for splitting batches. I often take a few litres of wort aside and add spices or fruit to it and bottle in 300ml stubbies...
Had the last bottle of my cherry dogbolter on the weekend....

Vlad, are you going to pop in on the 25th?

Asher for now