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Malty tasking
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I've got 6 Phoenix longnecks on offer.

These are quality glasses and I'd hate to see them in the recycling.

Let me know if you'd like them. Pick up from Cheltenham VIC.

Braden aka bullsneck.

You drank 6 of those things? Nice bottles but I could barely stomach 1 and that was at 2 degrees.
I purchased 3 on the way home the other day. 3 tallies (650ml) and a free glass for $12. Different bottle from above. I had one the other day, and didn't mind it. I've just cracked the second bottle. Mild, with bugger all hops to let what pilsner type malt presence it has come through, slight dms which is nice in it, watery and easy drinking. I think it would be great on a really hot day, even though it's cold today at around 25c it still drinkable. Definitely a drink cold, style offering. I think it is better than the standard Aussie offerings, give me this over a Tooheys New anyday.

The beer is lighter and more straw colour than shown in the pic.