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For Sale: Thermostat

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For sale is a Fridge Thermostat. It is a Ranco VC-1. Its about 2 months old and has been used successfully to keep a freezer to temps in the range of 2-5 degrees celcius.

It is missing the plastic control knob but can still be adjusted using your fingers.

The reason im selling it is i want a thermostat that will have a larger temp range like -35 to +35.

PM me with an offer. I paid $42 for it brand new.

Excuse the ignorance........but......where is ya!!!

And whats the stats normal range
poodz, as i indicated in the pm, i would be willing to take it off your hands for the price discussed, but it just a matter of turn around time, like if you could have it sent out tomorrow i would be happy.

so let me know when you think you could have it in the mail, i need to know before i drive up to grain and grape on wednesday.

cheers mate

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