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Equipment For Sale BIAB complete Homebrew setup, inc Crown urn, mill, pale malt (20kg+), Pilsner malt (20kg+), Speciallty Malts, thermostats etc.

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Procrastanated too long. Last brew made was 3 years ago. I loved it but family, home & work demands have got the better of me. Plus, dare I say it, drinking less and started drinking wine.
I don't want to split this just want it out of the way. Someone can get a bargain split it up.

Crown urn + Stainles ball tap (used 20 times), hose.
50L insulated pot with tap hole.
Keg King elec element fits pot above.
Approx 20kg pale malt + sealed bin
Approx 20kg Pilsner malt + sealed bin.
Mill (you'll need the drill). Nothing fancy but works a treat for BIAB.
Various small amounts of speicallty malts.
3 fermenters. Brew & Hop Bags.
1 x 2way thermostat
2 x single way thermostats
2 heat pads.
Refractometer (Keg King)
Plenty of cleaning gear.
3 food grade buckets.
4x17 + 2x25 litre sealable brew containers.
2-300 750ml bottles
100 + 330ml bottles

Nearly a turn key brew setup. All you'll need is hops, yeast & a brew fridge. Maybe a capper (I'm keeping mine).
I'd be happy to do a brew with someone if they were local as part of the sale.

I know there will be probably questions like......what brand mill is it? (It aint the porshe, I shopped at KK. I'd have to look for the brand name).

Anyone here want to make an offer?
I'm in Olinda Vic

Bump....may have to flea bay it.
Hi mate, I'm in olinda too. Are you willing to split it up?
Interested in the pilsner & pale malts, element, possibly some of the brewing gear too.
What kind of prices were you thinking?