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For Sale: Drip Tray

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bought this drip tray before i knew what font i was going to get, then when i get my 3 tap font, found it was a tiny bit too short. so its up for sale.

measurements are: 180mm x 355mm

it has a lip on the front that comes down about 15mm below the bottom of the trap, so it could be placed on the end of a bench, or be made to hang from a fridge doorwithout any sharp points.

It a two part tray (as i think most are) consisting of the part with the holes (i call it the holey part) and the trap where the drips are caught (i call it russell).

So make me an offer, i am willing to express post it anywhere in australia for $10, and would be incredibly interested in a trade/partial trade for a gas bottle or a thermostat.

other wise would be hopeing for about $30 + $10 postage
That is a good price......

pity it is wee bit small.....
If it mounts to a fridge I will take it. PM sent.
as it is, it does not mount to a fridge, but i would be easy to mke it (with a quick trip to bunnings.)

it doesnt get much easier then that

sold in less then an hour
Bugger missed that one :angry: :angry:
If it turns out not what you want JasonY , I''ll take it off you
obvisously sold it too cheap, oh well at least i got to pass on the bargain.

been inundated with pm's

cheers everyone
np batz, I think it will make a fine replacement for the plastic bucket currently in that service :)

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