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Just got home from easter celebrations with my wife's family. She's russian orthodox, and today was their easter. Anyway, every year for the past 2 or so, we've been doing flavoured vodka's ( sorry Wodka hahah ). Anyway, this is really easy to do, and tastes beautifull. Here goes:

1.) Cherry vodka ( Vishnovka sp? )
Place 4-600g of cherries in a 1.5 litre glass bottle, add 700 ml vodka ( the better the vodka, the better the result ), add 1 table spoon sugar. Let sit for at least 3 months, then drain and bottle. Leave this bottle in a warmish spot for another 9-12 months. After this amount of time, it is so smooth its not funny, and goes down like a dream!!!!. I've also done blueberry, and raspberry combined, without the sugar, it took about 12 months, but its now fantastic. Like i said, vodka quality is important. Absolut, or danzka if you're rich is the way to go.

Naz darovya

Doz Vidanya
A mate used to do a chilli vodka.
He'd always pull out the bottle after about six beers. That stuff was lethal but addictive :lol:


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