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I'm going to put a stout on this weekend, has anyone got any suggestions to changes to this? I've never brewed a stout before, do the amounts of grains sound alright for a 22L batch? Do I have too much or too little dark grains ? I dont want an overpowering burnt stout.

4KG Light LME
250g Billingtons unrefined molasses cane sugar
250g Billingtons unrefined dark muscovado cane sugar

50g black malt
250g crystal malt (110L)
100g roast barley
200g chocolate malt

Mashed (90min @ 68deg) :-
250g flaked barley
200g pale malt

25g Northern Brewer (8%AA) pellets @ 90 min
15g Styrian Goldings (4%AA) plugs @ 60 min
30g Styrian Goldings (4%AA) plugs @ 30 min
15g Styrian Goldings (4%AA) plugs @ 10 min

Danstar "Windsor" ale yeast

This sounds good...

A couple of things though...

I think you way too much molasis.....will be extremely over powering...
I use Rich Dark Brown sugar...max 250 gms in my stouts...

I would use a third of the molasis you have listed...
I tried black traecle once...100gms...never again...way over the top..

The grains that you are steeping...
Steep them over night in room temp water - dont boil the liquid - add straight to the fermenter...will get a better result.

The mashing sounds great.....could drop the xtal a bit and make up the rest with Light Xtal that you would add to the mash.....

Add some gypsum or chalk prior to the boil...aids in hop utilisation...

Should turn out excellent.........
;) Sounds like a great stout...but way too much molasses. I have used molasses in a few brews but always found the taste overpowering..... :unsure:
everyone to their own taste I suppose ;)

lets know what the SG is.....will the yeast ferment it all out...?? the SG should be fairly high .

Cheers :chug:
I dont think I'll have any fermentation issues, I'll be aerating it well, and the danstar windsor yeast is supposed to be fairly good for stouts etc.

Based on everyones advice I'm only going to use 100g of the molasses after all though.

Predicted OG by ProMash is 1069, so not very high for a stout.

last year I made a heavy stout with 325g black strap molasses, 1.5kg dark liquid malt, 1 can Coopers Stout, 250g brown sugar, 50g chocolate grain, 50g black roasted grain, 35g Super Alpha hop pellets and Safale Ale Yeast.

The molasses was evident but not overpowering in the first 2 months and noticably mellowed thereafter. After 4 months you couldn't tell there was molasses in it at all. My english (regular stout-drinking) friends tell me this is the best stout they have ever tasted!

Having said that, next time I will only use 150g molasses and maybe a little less dark LME.

Cheers - Snow.