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How many times have you said, I'm never drinking again ? Ever meant it ? I think this guy means it :p


Moonlight Backcountry Drive Ends With Jeep Dangling From Cliff
Leadville Man Says He'll Never Drink Again

DENVER -- Jeff Moore said he was taking painkillers and hadn't slept in about two days because of an abscessed tooth when he drank a beer and went 4-wheeling in the moonlight near Leadville.

A little while later, he said, his Jeep hung precariously off the side of a cliff and he was stuck inside, injured and pleading with God for rescue.

"If a fly came along and he landed hard, he probably would have knocked (the Jeep) down the mountain," Moore said Friday as he recovered at home in Leadville.

Moore, 56, a carpenter, said he took off alone for Hagerman Pass on Wednesday night for a 4-wheel drive, something he often does to burn off stress. He figures he must have nodded off, because when he awoke, he was rolling down a mountainside in his 1989 Jeep Wagoneer.

The Jeep landed on its top. "I was in the front seat in a very uncomfortable position because a rock had come through the hood," he said. "I was kind of stuck between a rock and hard place."

He said he crawled to the back seat, where there was more room, and waited, his back hurting so bad he couldn't get out.

"It felt like some big huge gorilla guy with a lead cowboy boot, a big one, kicked me in my left kidney," he said.

He didn't realize until hours later, when he was rescued, that that his Jeep was in danger of plummeting down a precipice.

At one point, he thought he heard a mountain lion. He prayed and heard it go away. Then he prayed to get out.

Three hunters spotted his Jeep, pulled over and called for help. They told The Denver Post the Jeep was hanging over a 200-foot drop, a rear wheel hooked on a pine tree.

"He was stuck on a tree about the size of a pop can in diameter. It was just amazing," Randy Haugestuen of Parker told The Post.

Moore had no idea how tricky his situation was, and why the hunters were so reluctant to pull him out.

"I kept asking the hunters, `just get me out of here,'" Moore said.

Moore said he was in such a remote spot that no one might have come along for weeks or even months.

"I might still be up there" if the hunters hadn't come along, Moore said. "It's a big miracle and answer to prayer."

He said doctors told him he had broken bones in his spine but wasn't hurt badly enough to stay in the hospital. A spokeswoman at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver said privacy laws kept her from discussing Moore's case.

Moore said he would never drink again.

"I told the man upstairs, `That's it. I'm done. It's over,'" he said. "I finally got it through my thick skull. It's a very unprofitable occupation. Alcohol is poison."

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