Drink Driver Kills Kid "drinking Homebrew"

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UPDATE 1.25pm: THE driver who mowed down a six-year-old boy in a garden yesterday had allegedly been drinking stubbies and home brew for six hours before the crash.

Police allege Gary Edward Ryan, 25, of Morwell, started drinking at 1pm yesterday and consumed approximately 12 stubbies before drinking heavier-strength home brew.

Just after 7pm the accused left a house on Symons Crescent, Morwell in a Holden Commodore.

Police believe two men lifted the rear of the Commodore to assist in an attempted burnout.

The accused carried out a burnout down Symons Crescent, entering Crinigan Rd at between 50km/h and 80km/h, losing control of the car, police allege.

The car struck two boys standing on a footpath before going through the front fence at 94 Crinigan Rd, striking a mother and six-year-old Bangoang Tut in the front yard.

Bangoang died in hospital later that evening.

Police will allege Mr Ryan returned a preliminary breath test of .166, more than three times the legal limit.

Mr Ryan was charged this morning with culpable driving and was remanded in custody to appear in court on March 16.

Bangoang's uncle told reporters today his nephew was a friendly child, especially to his neighbours and classmates.

BJ Kour, who read from a statement, said the family, who are Lutherans, were well-known and respected in the community.

Mr Kour said Bangoang was a happy six year-old boy who was doing well at Morwell Primary School.

"He was known to be a friendly child especially to his neighbours and classmates and received a report this year of very good effort and excellent class behaviour," he said.

Mr Kour asked for privacy as the family comes to terms with the grief of losing their eldest son.

"Bangoang's death on Sunday night has been a very big shock for his family, neighbours and wider community," he said.

"The sheer unexpectedness and tragedy of the situation have been very difficult to bear."

He said the family moved to Australia in 2005 to escape war-torn Sudan. They had settled happily, becoming Australian citizens in 2007.

In an interview with The Australian last year, Bangoangs father Nhial Bangoang told how the family fled civil war before moving to Melbourne.

They then relocated to Morwell because of crime problems in the capital.

"More Sudanese are moving here," the 26-year-old said. "The families ask themselves: 'How can we protect young people from smoking and drugs and alcohol?'

"And it's a good idea to move here because your kids can follow their studies ... and stay away from trouble."

Acting Premier Rob Hulls said Bangoang's death was a "tragic'' event and reminder that drivers must be careful over the festive period.

"My heart goes out to the family,'' he said.

"This is a Christmas they will never forget for all the wrong reasons. We have to continue to get the message out there that people need to be sensible on our roads.

"People shouldn't speed, people shouldn't drink and drive and if they do there can be tragic consequences."

A neighbour and a paramedic have described the frantic moments as the horrific incident unfolded yesterday evening.

Neighbour Tracy Bird said she ran to the scene from her house two doors away on to find the boy lying on the ground.

"I heard a big bang so I came outside and saw a puff of smoke," Ms Bird said. "I didnt know what was happening.

"I was talking to the coppers on the phone. As i was talking to them, they asked to me to check if he (Bangoang) was conscious. He had a few little abrasions on him.

"There was quite a few people talking to him. All the family was showing up. His mother was frantic. I tried calming her down."

Intensive care paramedic Tony Davis said Bangoang was conscious and lying on the ground when they arrived and described the scene as "chaotic''.

"It was quite a chaotic scene with a large number of people around,'' he said.

"We found the six-year-old boy about five metres from the car.''

Bangoang was in a critical condition suffering serious head and abdominal injuries, and leg injuries, Mr Davis said.

"It was clear the boy needed surgery and we were about four minutes from Latrobe Hospital so we loaded him into the ambulance and took him to hospital in a critical condition,'' he said.

The dead boy's mother and the two teenagers were taken to the same hospital with minor injuries.

A passenger in the car, a man in his 20s, also sustained minor injuries.

Ms Bird described the family as good neighbours.

I spoke to them a couple of times walking past here and the little fella was always waving," she said.

"He was a lovely little one. Hed run around on the front lawn and was always waving."

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said the scene was distressing for emergency workers.

"We have organised peer support for our two crews," he said.

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.

Bangoang was the second person to die on Victorian roads on Sunday and the fourth road fatality in the Christmas/New Year period in the state.

The deaths bring the state's 2009 toll to 281, nine less than at the same time last year.

That cant be good. <_<
He consumed 12 stubbies before touching his homebrew... Gee I wonder if it was mashed.
and yet herald scums headline was "Crash driver 'drank home brew' "

should of been "crash driver gets wasted" etc etc
any thing to make the story more news worthy

media scum :icon_vomit:
It should read, idiot drunk behind wheel kills innocent 6 year old. He deserves what he gets, drink drivers suck. Spare a thought for the family and friends of the little boy.
It should read, idiot drunk behind wheel kills innocent 6 year old. He deserves what he gets, drink drivers suck. Spare a thought for the family and friends of the little boy.

Yep, HB, spirits, beer, wine, all the same.... he was a drunk idiot who's just killed a kid in an act of utter stupidity. I feel sorry for the family and friends.