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I bought an ESB Bavarian Wheat beer kit today ( the 3kg type wort kit) which came with a Safale K-97 yeast pack.
Now the strange thing is, that on the instructions is says to sprinkly the yeast over the top of the wort, and NOT to stir it in.
Now that sounds strange to me... Anyone ever done one of these kits and done the sprinkle trick?
better still is to rehydrate yeast by sprinkling it over 120ml water at 30C. Leave (covered) 30 mins then stir and pitch

dry yeast has to take on water b4 it can do anything, that is likely the rationale re the "sprinkling"

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On the odd occasions I use dried yeast, I just sprinkle it on the top. Has worked for me.
And if I've rehydrated dried yeast I've just sprinkled it on top and left it. Has worked then too.
Sprinkle and you will be fine.

Thanks guys. I jumped in and sprinkled it on top, and it seems to have worked bloody well actually. I had activity in the airlock in like 45 mins - meanwhile the liquid yeast i'm trying to start is not doing much at all after 4 hours (watched kettle syndrome i'm sure)

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