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Hello everyone, been reading the forums vigorously the last month or so.

I have started brewing again after a 10 year pause. Did about 10 brews about 12 years ago. Now I'm mostly a wine drinker (make my own), and decided to make some stout for a change. Not interested in light coloured beer unless it's full of taste.

I have two fermenters. In the first one I made an ESB Extra Special Stout (3kg kit). This one is all good.

Both were made to 18L.

The second one is a Mackeson Stout (this is the one I am having problems with).
Muntons Export Stout
Brewblend #30 Milk Stout Booster 1kg
Lactose 500g
According to the recipe, OG = 1052, FG = 1018

I used the kit yeast. Nothing was happening on the first day. Instructions said to just sprinkle the yeast on top. After nothing was happening on the second day, I stirred and a little later I could see bubbles in the airlock. I started the brew on 10/12/18. OG was 1054. Then the fermentation was going good for 1 day and then it stopped. I realize now (after further research) that the kit yeast is too weak for this kind of stout. On 13/12/18 (3 days later) I pitched another Montons kit yeast. Gravity at the time was 1037. Fermentation kicked in pretty soon, but stopped not long after. On 15/12/18, gravity was 1036, only one point lower. On 16/12/18, still 1036. So I decided to pitch Safale S-04 (which I should've done at the beginning). The next day I did another hydrometer reading and nothing has changed. Tonight (about a day later) I added some extra sugar to the mix (we don't use much sugar in the house, so about 10g or brown sugar, 40g of caster sugar, and 3 tablespoons of honey, hoping this will kick start the fermentation again.

When testing the brew, it tastes fine, pretty nice. My question is, should the gravity not change should I bottle it anyway (will it explode the bottles)? Should I still put the recommended 3/4 the amount of sugar for carbonation?


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Hi mate, 1036 is still quite high to be bottling. Seems as though you only pitched the S-04 a day and a half ago I'd give the yeast a chance to establish itself over the others and see what happens.
When using dry yeast it's recommended to rehydrate it a cup of water (I usually do it at room temp unless it's bloody hot)
All the best mate I hope it goes well for you.

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