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I started a fresh wort stout, adding about 300gms dark lme. I didn't bother taking a O.G. ( first and only time I haven't) I added a 600ml wyeast Irish ale starter. It fermented very well for just over a week, then I racked it my secondary fermenter s.g. 1012
slight sweet taste. tested it yesterday s.g. still 1012, still has slight sweet taste.

if its a milk stout that would explain the slight sweet taste

is 1012 ok to bottle, seems a bit high to me,
or should I try and repitch more yeast, and hope it goes down further.
Depending on the style of stout you're making 1012 is kind of low IMO. I dont think you'll get it down any further than that.
If you didn't add water to the kit, that FG sounds about right to me.
Yeah, interesting final reading. I brewed this about a month ago and had an intial reading of 1053 which I think was a little high though because it had a reasonable amount of sediment from the bottom of the container. My final reading after a 6 day initial ferment, rack and then 13 day condition was 1010. This was using a Wyeast 1084 Irish ale yeast 750ml starter too. Also I didn't note a sweet taste to the final product....
I think 1012 as a final og is good.

Some of my stouts i have had to bottle at 1022.
Currently have a Russian Imperial Stout - RIS
It is in the Tertiatary- brewing for over 2 months now - SG 1090..current og 1032....dont know if i will get lower with normal yeast...might have to try mead yeast....tastes excellent in the tertiary...dry hopping with EKG at the moment.

Also have a KERIS - Kenny's Extra Russian Imperial Stout - SG 1110 - tertiary at 1040 - dont know what to do with this one yet.
If i bottle at this og then i will not have to prime as over the next year it will/should use the residual sugar to ferment....never tried this...but have been told that it will work.

Hope this helps.

Could you please explain the benefits of "tertiary"? I assume you have racked it a third time? I have a Belgian tripel in secondary at the moment. It had an initial SG of 1.084 and when I racked it last night (5 days later), it was 1.040. Should I just leave it in the secondary to ferment out, or should I rack it a second time? I stirred up a bit of sediment when racking and also scooped some of the krausen out of the primary and included that, so there is plenty of yeast (Wyeast Trappist High Gravity). I was just a bit concerned about racking a second time with such a hight gravity beer. What do you reckon?

Cheers - Snow
I would rack a third time...

I would lager it for another the tertiary
Check to see if it needs dry hopping.

I am hoping my RIS will come down from 1032 over the next month.

Need to check the KERIS out this weekend.
Thanks everyone for the advice.
I bottled it last night.
bulk primed with 120gms of some suger I had lying around ( think it was dextrose)

will let y'all know how it turns out


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