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Has anyone used an ale yeast with the pilsenr fresh wort kits. if so which one works well. I have used 1007 and i think that i could propably use california ale without all of the yeast hanging around. any thoughts?
G'day Jimmy,

Haven't do it with a pilsner kit, but the last keg was a fresh wort bock made with a WLP013 london ale yeast. Sensational. The best beer I've made. Empty in under two weeks!!!

Kegged a fresh wort lager on wednesday that was made with WLP013 yeast. In the beer fridge cc ATM, I hope this is half as good as the bock.

I'd say 'ave a go, I'm sure the beer will be good. If not, put it down to experience.

I've done the Pils with California yeast (WLP001) heaps of times with excellent results. You wont be disapointed.

thanx fellas good info, these kits just seem to be so versatile. i would love to try and do a lager but i just dont have the facilities to do it in. The pilsner took me by suprise i had know idea how good it really was!

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