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Put down a summer wheat last Saturday and pitched with WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale. Sunday.....everything normal, Monday.....out she came through the airlock.

Question is, with krausen/wort within the airlock is there any need to clean (bacteria, etc) or leave to finish fermentation? It seems to have slowed the bubbling a little, now not as aggressive, but still coming through. The krausen has dropped back a little, now around 1 inch under the lid. See what you think.

Smells awesome however... :p


Hi Duff, I've had a few eruptions before and all I did was add a few drops idophor to the air lock using an eye dropper and the beer came out fine. I think you'll be right mate.
I wait until the krausen has subsided and take the airlock out give it a rinse and pop it back in.

I have two escape artists plying their trade on my fermenters (WLP380 and WLP006), have you tried a blow off tube? Next time you brew with this yeast a blow off tube maybe an idea.
Once the escapologists have stopped escaping, clean up with a bleach solution, remove the airlock, clean the grommet, and install a freshly sanitised airlock.

Those airlocks are a mongrel to clean, the only thing I found that would shift the grunge was a soak in PSR. Maybe Napisan would work too.

Next time you buy an airlock, go for the two part barrel style, easy to pull apart and clean.

Do use a blow off tube, I know of a local brewer, when he got home at 11pm, his RIS had blocked the airlock and bulged the base with pressure. When he foolishly removed the airlock, the ceiling was sprayed with RIS. And then he had to mop the ceiling at 11pm. I suppose this belongs in two threads, "You Know You are a Homebrewer When...." and "Brewing Disasters."
They're not too bad to clean. Get it before it goes crusty and squirt water through it at pressure. If that doesn't do it, soak in bleach or something then try squirting again.

I find my racking tube fits neatly over the end of the airlock and works well as a blow off tube.
I see the problem!!

The fermenter is the wrong way up!!!!!!!!! :D

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