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Medowie , NSW

To make partial amends for recent un-named misdeeds, and to get some vital info, I am starting a new topic.

U see, for the last cuppla years in Newcastle I have seen supplies of Muntons DME dry up. As I still make a few, if I may say so...classy DME-based beers, this irregular supply can slow my brewing activities.

I am certainly making a few ag beers, and the percentage of total brews is increasing, but DME is still handy for the house beers. It's quicker, and great when U wanna show a newbie some beer-making that won't intimidate them too much. Let's not debate ag vs extract brewing here, as it is a moot argument.

Anyway, has anyone encountered this issue B4?

BTW, I usually buy 25kg boxes of Muntons light spraymalt and wheat spraymalt, and find them to be quite excellent. No affiliation, but I'd consider a sponsorship (hahaha). The wheat DME makes a fair Schneider or Shofferhofer weizen. I'm testing a DME-based partial mash Dunkelweizen soon (as soon as it's carbonated).

What say you? Surely there are some brewers who supplement their grain bill with DME. I don't think I could cope with being the only DME brewer on this forum.

Can anyone clue me in on why the supply is sporadic, or if it isn't?
I understand that freight has issues, but is that the only cause?

I appreciate any (relevant) feedback or input.


Sethule Weizguy Weizenmeister :p
i bought a 25kg? bag of bintani malt from esb about dec last year. not many lhb actually had 25kg? bags, mostly 1 or 3kg ... still using the above, slowly, so havent chased other brands ....
Bintani is 25kg, IIRC. It makes my weizen tend toward Shofferhofer, when fermented with Wyeast Bavarian wheat ale (blend) W3056.

Thanks for the reply.

Seth :p
Just a query guys, from someone who has recently tried looking around for quality bulk dried light/extra light malt. Where do you get your stuff from, and how much do you pay for it?

Cheers :)
Yellow pages should link you up with the bulk handlers. Tell them you are making biscuits/chocolate (ie Sethule bakery)
If in Adelaide try Grumpy's, Tel. 81881133 for light dried malt extract.

Sorry Weizguy, I dont use DME, only for starters, but I know Mark has heaps of the stuff at "MARKS HOMEBREW ISLINGTON" the best darn HB shop this side of the black stump!!!!!!


I buy my bulk DME from Mark, but ATM supplies are a little low and he is waiting on more of my fave DME (Muntons). I agree that he's the best LHBS I know (no affiliation).

Mark can certainly provide enough for a few brews, but it's nice to have enough malt handy for when U just get the urge to brew. The shop is about 35 km from my place, so it's not always convenient to drop in and purchase ingrdients. Reminds me of the Dead Kenedys album - "Give me convenience or give me death", but it's not quite that extreme, thank goodness.

I'm happy with the service at my LHBS and not looking for other suppiers. Just trying to work out the supply issue. Surely with today's transport, there should be a steady supply. N'est pas?


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