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Fellow Brews I have a dispensing problem, I keg a beer straight from the primary 3 weeks ago gas it last week.
My problem is when I tried to dispense it last night all I got was a thick head that came out very very slowly, it would take 2-3 mins to fill a glass. The beer itself was fine when settled out but only a little settled, I made sure the gas was on the keg had pressure and I even tried to ramp up the pressure.

My bet is that there is some yeast stuck in the dispensing tube??? I have only started not to putting my Ales in seconders but have had no problem so far, any comments.


Must be quite a blockage. :unsure: I've always racked straight from primary to keg and never had a problem in 6 years.

If it persists try putting your beer disconnect on your gas line. Turning your gas up to about 200kpa and putting the gas line on the beer post. This may or may not push back your obstruction. See if it pours OK. If so let your beer settle for a day or two (to reduce turbidity) and continue drinking (unless of course your beer is a weizen or a wit).

Warren -

Just a guess - not frozen is it?

This happened to me once. I had the keg resting hard against the back wall of the fridge, only for it to freeze up. Wasn't rock solid, just some sludgy ice but enough to give the same pouring symptoms you describe.

Took it out of the fridge for a day, re-chilled (away from the wall of the fridge :( ) and way ya go.

Cheers Warren i was thinking of doing that i am going home soon to give it a try again.

Yes it has never done that to me before, or just a through could it be the finnings?

Quincy you might be on to something, i took it straight out of my lagering fridge and it was sitting on the back plate of the fridge. I have left it out of the fridge today so time will tell.

Quincy could just be on to something there.

I had that happen once when I had a litre of beer left in the keg. Only thing that may refute this situation is the fact the beer's foaming. Cold/freezing beer would pour with little or no foam.

Certainly worth a try though. Also stagger if you're going to keg and fine with gelatin I'd consider cutting about 10mm off the end of your dip tube.

Warren -
Well i tried to pour it last night an i didn't get the thick foam, but it came out at a rate of knots and filled the glass with foam. After it settled down the beer was great, but i cant work out why so volatile with large bubbles.

Could this be from maybe a follow on from being frozen?

There's a good chance the keg is now out of equilibrium. I'm burp it a couple of times over a few hours with the gas off, then restore your dispensing pressure and give it another go.

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