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Greeting fellas,

I have a few questions for those out there with kegs. I know that different brand kegs use different posts, ie. some have a slightly different thread (not referring to ball lock vs. pin lock)? I'm after information on ball lock posts and the brands I'm specifically after are:

Firestone Spartanburg Challenger V (18L)
Firestone Spartanburg Challenger VI (5gallon)
Herstellar Canvermoor (which also has a Cornelius stamp on it) (19.48L)
Cornelius (19L)

Reason being I have sourced one each of the above kegs, the Cornelius one is complete but the other ones are missing a post or two. After playing around with the post on the different kegs I find that not all are interchangable. Also looking at keg systems.com for example I noticed that there was only references to 18L cornelius ones, not 19L ones. I assume these would have the same threads as the 18L, if indeed they are a different keg.

So what I'm after is....
1. Does any one have a combination of the above kegs and could tell me what posts might be interchangable. ie. they have them and have played about with the posts or can have a play and tell me which ones will fit which kegs. I'm particularly interested to see if rheem posts will fit any of the above.

2. I'm after some secondhand posts (but in good enough nick) for the above brands of kegs. Does anyone have any parts they wish to sell?

Thanks guys, any info would be great. I'm actually hoping to find which types of posts I will need to buy and then buy some from the states if I can work out which ones I need, or if I can't find them locally for a good price.

I haven't played about with different brands of kegs before so I'm pretty green on the subject. Thanks again.

Cheers, Justin

Don't go by Kegsystems website, drop Craig an email (like you posted here) and
I've been to Craigs shed where he has a myriad of bits and pieces. None of which is mentioned on his website. I'm sure he will be able to help you out.

Alternatively, call Damien from Whats Brewing (brewshop in Kogarah, Sydney) on (02) 9587 2653. He has got in just before xmas a whole lot of second hand kegs and keg parts as well as taps etc. I've just bought some second hand beer and gas posts from him for my carbonation cap.

Thanks Doc, I'll give them a ring and see what I can come up with. Really appreciate it. I realise that these are old kegs but I'm pretty sure I can get them up and running.

Can anyone else out there tell me what brand the Herstellar Canvermoor (which also has a Cornelius stamp on it) (19.48L) is? It does have a small cornelius stamp on it, does this mean it is a cornelius keg? Does anyone have one of these kegs that can tell me? I've pretty much sussed out the other brand kegs I think but this one still stumps me a bit. Just really need to know if a different type of Cornelius post will fit, as the cornelius one I have doesn't fit it.

Cheers, Justin

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