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I still cant believe that David Hookes has died, by a steroid junkie bouncer that thinks he has a license to hit people. :(

If I see a person literally getting a flogging of his life, I dont know whether or not I would stand in, maybe if that person was close to me I might, but its not worth it! :eek:

I hope that his family makes it through these hard times :(
It's a terrible, terrible thing. I hope they put the guy away on manslaughter charges.

I was out with some friends one night when we were in Hungry Jacks having dinner. One of my mates accidentally bumped into a 'roid rager.

The guys went off his chops about how he was gonna kick his arse and so forth. I walked up beside my mate to back him up. I said to the guy "Sorry mate, he didn't see you. It was an accident."

He turned on me and shoved me up against the wall. I retalliated and we were in a blue. I know had he hit me he would have killed me.

People don't realise how dangerous they can be. You can kill someone just by punching them in the nose.

In my opinion, assault charge penalties should be much higher, especially when they are under circumstances like this.

We'll miss you David. Thanks for everything.
I've just finished reading the front page of The Australian with the article in it.

I never knew the guy or watched him play (I grew up overseas) but the article and chain of events just makes me sick.

I'm a very calm peaceful guy but I'm livid with the stupidity of people like that bouncer. I know that two wrongs do not make a right but I just want to smash the crap out of that #*($U(@ @)*#$(@ @)(*#$* LOSER.

im deeply saddened by the events

whats the bet the weak lilly livered judges let the motherf.....er off.
its the judges who deserve the flogging these days they have become soft cocks.
Any way you look at a events like this, its a tragedy.
all i can say is an eye for a eye,

He will get jack crap off the courts because there weak!

If i was the jadge i waould say : beer keg + Your head (smashed together) Who needs idoits like that in this once wonderful world.... i wonder if i should have kids to live in a world like this.....

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