Dark Isle Pale Ale

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A local bottlo is getting a bit adventurous, so I tried this today.


Black label, pale slightly reddish amber. No noticeable aroma, Nicely flavoured without being over the top. Golden syrup was the flavour I first noticed, but not dominant. Went down nicely. 5.2% I think.

Good on ya Tazzie. Better than some of the other muck we pay craft beer prices for.

Recently I tried a selection of Holgates, which a friend picked up direct from the pub-brewery in Kyneton. Suppose I'd drink it again if I was passing through Kyneton - just so's I could suss the joint, but the beers were nothing special. Pretty mild tasting actually (if saying tasteless is being a bit harsh). Can't say it wasn't fresh.

Also tried the Jamieson dark ale. Same story I reckon. Leave it for the locals.