Culturing Yeast From Coopers Beers.

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Had a get together with one of the Cooper's master brewers last night.
For all those who culture yeast from Coopers beers, the secondary strain is the same as the primary strain in all beers apart from the Vintage Ale. There you have it!

There's a guy on Grumpys who posted that he spoe with one of the Coopers reps and they told him the dry yeast you get in coopers kits is the same strain you get in the coopers beers. I find this hard to elieve, as i've had such different flavour profiles come from the dry and the commercial.

Any comments gents?

- Snow
Agree with u snow....The dry coopers kit yeast gives flavour thats way differrent to the commercial stuff....not sure why coopers insist on saying this all the time...i've also been told the same on their 1800 help line.....
My second or third brew last year after I just started brewing I cultured the yeast of a Sparkling Ale.
I used a Brewiser Australian ale kit with a kilo of dextrose.
Even thogh i was a green brewer the taste was better that the previous brews I had done. I remember thinking it had that sort of Sparkling Ale taste in there somewhere. I reckon if it wasn't for the kilo of dextrose it would've been even better as well.
Anyway that my 2 cents worth.


I spoke to Paul at Coopers who looks after their homebrewing operation.
I asked about the yeast that they put in their kits.

As it currently stands they dont use a different yeast strain for the bottle conditioning as TDA stated - except the vintage ale.

The new Coopers Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale kits has the closest dry yeast that they can make to the liquid yeast used for the commercial equivalents. They are having problems with drying the liquid yeast - something to do with it not being viable, yeast cells dying, mass, ph etc. a bit too techo for him and me.

They are still working on this - but the yeast is very very close to the liquid used.

There you go....
Speak of the Devil :lol:

I just finished stepping up some Coopers SA yeast. I've just taken it from it's first culturing from the bottle and dropped it into a 2 litre starter. Did this about 10 mins. ago.

It's a good yeast. I've used it dozens of times over the years. Actually I prefer it for English Ales over some of the Wyeast Varieties I've tried. It's quick, fairly clean and can stand a wide fluctuation in temperatures. It clears a little slow but nothing alarming. Next to Wyeast 1968 it's my favourite yeast for a Bitter.

Since I've been buying the bottles of CSA from Dan Murphy's they've been taking off in about 24 hours. They used to take about 3 days.

It's good stuff - B) B)

What bottle was the yeast from?
Yeah, I'm in the middle of culturing the Sparkling ale yeast for my sparkling ale clone that I'm doing tomorrow. Johnno, I reckon you're right about the dextrose. I'm led to believe that Coopers use cane sugar in theirs, so I'm putting in about 750g of candy sugar in mine. In previous batches, I've had trouble getting the "fruityness" that the SA has, so hopefully the sugar, combined with a higher brew temp (22C) might do it. For anyone interested, here is the recipe for my Coopers Sparkling Ale clone (partial mash - 23 litres):

2kg pilsener
250g Carapils
250g wheat
500g LME
500g DME
750g Candy sugar
15g POR (FWH) 60 mins
10g POR 30 mins
5g POR 15 mins
5g POR flameout
Irish moss
Yeast Nutrient
1.5L starter cultured Coopers Sparkling Ale yeast
60 min mash at 64C

Cheers - Snow
Snow said:
I find this hard to believe, as i've had such different flavour profiles come from the dry and the commercial.
I used to do this when I first started homebrew & was using my own liquid malts, etc. Found that the Coopers yeast gave me a much better tasting beer. I also found that moving the sludge from the bottom of the primary (after I racked) into a sterilised jar with a sterilised spoon and storing it in the fridge gave me a minium if six or seven batches before I tossed it out & started again. All for the price of the initial two bottles of Coopers.

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