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Brewing at the battered's shed
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Does ny one now the price full.I cant find it on craftbrewer web.

A Ipa or a pale ale going past tomorrow arve.
Give them a call Sav, it would depend on the beer you want it filled with I guess. Hopefully the new site will have prices but maybe they are restricted and not able to advertise their beers?

They are around $13 IIRC - You should fill them with well carbonated beer as the CO2 charge will dispense the beer but not much more, according to a couple of guys who have tried them, that I talked to at BABBs.

Edit; so you want a CB brewed beer in them? (just twigged to your OP) - run out of beer ??? :eek:

Why not pick up a cube of the same brew and do it yourself?
Cheers guys I will give ross a ring in the morning.How have you been bribee

Yep bribee out of beer thats pretty rare for me, But I am brewing this weekend so I was thinking of one of these instead of buying shit beer from the bottlo.

Wont need a cube I will be fermenting enough on sat to get me through.

Their cubes are great and not much dearer than the 5 ltr tinnie.

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