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Hi all,
I my web travels I have come across the flashy looking brew kettles and mash tuns that are available from Core Brewing Concepts. According to their website some of these can be seen at Grain and Grape. Has anyone seen these in person yet? If so what are people's thoughts on them? They are quite pricey, but the look alright....thoughts? (one way or the other). Conversely what do people think of Beerbelly's stainless gear? There aren't too many places where you can get pre-made brewing pots and I am over drilling holes and trying to seal up weldless ball valves in large pots. Is there anyone else around people could recomend to supply a pre-made brewing pot with welded ball valve, thermometer, etc? :beer:
havent dealt with core, but most of my stuff is beer belly. a lot of people dont like to wait for him to make the items.
Never seen Core before.. but I just looked around the shop.

Free shipping on Hops & Yeast, I would be interested to place an order.
Nice selection of bling.

As far as I can see... for nice quality pre-made you have

1) BeerBelly custom Robinox Forje
2) iBrew with their Blichmann Boilermaker range
3) and now Core brewing

Any others?
Some of their kit looks like it's from brewers hardware are the kettles the same too?

I don't have a kettle from BH but I have plenty of other quality stainless stuff from them.
I have one of their 55l conical fermentors.....
Lucky for me , i turned 40 the week that their initial sample landed at the grain and grape and i had some birthday money to spend....
I have not used it yet...but it is finished quite well...
I took it apart with Dan ( ex Grain and brewer at James Squire ) and we were both impresed with the quality of the build.Make no mistake , they are made in China , but they are better than alot of the Chinese stuff you see...they also offer a warranty....and from what i understand , they were designed in America , made in China then shipped back to America for final inspection
Once i sort my single door glass fridge , i will be using it.....