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Someone please help me, I am having a lot of trouble converting a recipe from brewing classic styles to my equipment.
Maybe its getting late but I cant get it to make any sense to me.

So I am trying to get my numbers for Janets Brown Ale to line up.
I have an equipment profile setup with the parameters for Jamils equip (70% eff, etc) which I input the recipe, but beersmith calculates the OG to be much higher (5points) and IBUs are much lower (I am using rager formula, as is Jamil).

Then I use beersmith to change the recipe by OG and IBUs and I use the convert button to select my 20L braumeister (80% eff) settings, while keeping OG, IBU etc. But I am not happy with my results! My percentages of malts go off in different directions, hop amounts get changed in different directions. What I am seeing doesn't make sense.

So should I blindly trust Beersmith? Do what it tells me and be done with it? Having never tried JBA, how do I know if my IBUs and OG were as they should be?
Do the ingredient profiles line up? Make sure your grain and hops match the suppliers specs, and trust your calculator.
I had a similar experience with this recipe, copying from the book the IBUs were 51 instead of 63 (That is due to the mash hop step lowering the bittering charge IBU though) And OG reads 69 instead of 66.

What I ended up doing was edited the recipe with my system specs in place and forced the numbers to line up. I kept the different grain % the same, though the overall grain weight went down to match OGs.

Then I increased the 15 and 0 minute hops to suite my increased boil size, keeping the g/L the same as the recipe, and edited the bittering hops until the IBU lined up with the recipe.

I trust my beersmith settings for my own profile, but with different systems and methods YMMV.

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