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Caulfield north. Melbourne

Not sure where to post this - the gear thread or the market place [mods will sort it out most likely ;)]

The bloke who welded together my space saving corner gravity brew stand and I were talking yesterday. He's our delivery driver at work. He said he's looking for a bit of extra cash and as we'd been talking beer/brewing and I'd mentioned AHB as a great place for info he wondered if anyone of you guys would be interested in having a similar brew stand made for a reasonable price - he said $180 right off the top of his head...

I said I'd pass the message on so if anyone wants one PM me and I'll pass on Charlie's info and you can sort it out between you. I'm not sure where he lives but for a reference our factory is in Dandenong, VIC.

Here's a picture of what mine looks like:

I would possibly be interested. But I'm in Sydney, so would need to arrange freight.

Also, do you have any pics of what it looks like collapsed?
I might be keen in getting a "proper" brew stand put together.

Any chance of having a look over your rig Yippie?


Mr W
I would possibly be interested. But I'm in Sydney, so would need to arrange freight.

Also, do you have any pics of what it looks like collapsed?

I'm in the same boat. Lovely piece of work but just a shame about the location.

I wouldn't require it to be collapsable, but would be easier to post if that was an option.

Collapsed - no pics but basically the two lower platforms unbolt (2 bolts each) and sit on top of the tall one. Clearance holes in the frames for M5's and they'll not go anywhere... then use the M5's to bolt it back together when you set it up.

Mr. Wilson - sure. PM me when you'd like to come over and I'll see if I'm available. I'm in Caulfield South near Prince's Park.

You interstaters - I'll have a word with Charlie on Monday and see what he thinks about shipping... I'm sure there's some cheap courier in Dandenong - you can find anything in Dandenong if you know who to ask.

Any news on the shipping front?

Just spoke with Charlie. He's no idea of shipping. I can give you the overall dims when it's in the 'collapsed' configuration and weight - if you know of any couriers let me know and when I work out the info I'll pass it on...
Nice setup there, YKY,

Have just moved house, and need to set up the new brew shed, but will get back to you on getting one of these made.

Drool, I've got "sculpture envy"...
I'm also in sydney and am extreamly interested.
Alright done some hunting.

The collapsed size will be 130cm x 50cm x 50cm and weight 28kg.

The best shipping quotes from Melbourne to Sydney are all coming in at around $65 give or take for a 2-3 day delivery.
Hey all,

Got my brew stand from Charlie a few weeks back. Finally got it painted this week. Great job by him, really happy with it.

There could perhaps be some interest in a bagginator as well if he wanted to fly a kite and see if any takers - Chappo started to make one for me before his exit from the HB scene. I'm good now, but it might be an option for people who don't have skyhooks and I expect it could be made collapsible .

What happened to chappo?

And also.. I taught SWMBO to weld in 30 mins.. Not taking away anything from this service, looks like a quality build... But you can pick up a stick welded for about **** all these days.. And scrap metal is easy yo come by if you keep your eyes open..

Hey I'm wondering if anyone knows of a welder by trade that could weld together a brew sculpture. I'm located in Melbourne and i'm currently looking at a sculpture like this one built
I'll have to book-mark that, looks very similar to what I had in mind for my stand. I've never welded before, but have been offered access to a workshop so I'll guess I will have to learn soon.

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