Cold Conditioning Lager With Wort Containers?

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I racked my lager on Sunday after 3 weeks in primary @ 10C. Smells awesome :p

As those in Sydney know, it's not that hot, so it has been rising to room temperature over the past two days. I was wanting to CC next, but have run short of room in the fridge, as I followed it with a Pilsner start on top of the WLP 830 yeast cake, hence the fermenter is taking up alot of room.

However, I do have a couple of the fresh wort containers lying around. How do you think if I reused these containers to CC in? They have a rubber seal so I would expect them to be fine. The total volume is 20L, the containers hold 15L. I could fill one, but would leave 5L in the other. Would there be concerns with oxygen if I tried this option?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

What you could do is rack 10 L into each cube, on top of a hundred grams or so of DME. This will then make easily enough CO2 to fill the headspace (minus that which dissolves as you cool it down). :)
Remove the bung and drill a hole then whack a tap on it. I use a wort kit as a fermentor for Ginger Beer, but have seen a feww mates use them for Lagering and also cask conditioned ale straight off the plastic!
I use one for lemonade, with a hole drilled in it as Jim says.

I don't think you need enough CO2 to fill the entire headspace, just enough to be a blanket on the beer. But then, that's only what I've read not what I've found in my own experience. But, the times I haven't had a full fermenter I haven't had any oxidation issues.
Why not fill up one with 15l & put the rest in some 2 or 3 litre pet bottles