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Gold Coast Hinterland
Planning a choc porter for winter, grain bill for 21l batch, OG 1060

Maris otter 61%
Munich II 17%
Pale choc 10%
Heritage Xtal 5%
Biscuit 5%
Carafa II 2%

Northern brewer @ 60 to 20.4 ibu and at 15 to 6.9 ibu

Mashing at 67

Cocoa powder , 120 g at 10 minutes

Fermenting 1318 london ale III?, possibly 1469.

NOW??how to use the nibs ( have a craftbrewer 110 g pack).
Options i have come up with.
1. Stick them in my new hop rocket
2. Stick them in the cube and no chill
3. Stick them in fermenter at day 4.." dry nibbing".

Leaning toward 3 but after advice from anyone who has used them.
Have kept ibu' s down as expect some bitterness from them ?

Any advice appreciated
I've used them a few times. Got a choc porter on at the moment that uses the full pack.
I haven't used them in multiple ways but my method seems to work well - nice choc flavour.

Toast until aromatic, add to secondary (grain or hop bag is good but my recent lot went in as is because I couldn't find my grain bag - will see what happens).

Leave between 1-2 weeks and several months.

Bitterness from these is not huge (neither is sweetness) so I wouldn't change IBU just for the nibs.

Next time, I'd be interested in grinding them to a powder and dry roasting.

Also Ross has a recipe for sour Orange choc porter that uses the nibs and he's free with the advice if you ask him. High cocoa content choc in the mash is one piece of advice I got from him (current choc porter - actually sour orange choc porter had a block crumbled into the mash).
No choc in the boil - I think the fats may wreak havoc with head retention etc and my understanding (possibly incorrect) is that adding to the mash helps leave fatty stuff behind.

I have previously added cocoa to a boil before (successfully in terms of flavour) but that was back when I extract brewed and I haven't done it in conjunction with cacao nibs.
Just finished fermenting out the "willy Wonker and the choc porter " recipe from the DB
I gotta say the hit of caffeine from the chocolate is immense. It tastes like your getting a triple shot espresso and i gotta say its enjoyable outta the fermenter but will need a good 4-8 weeks conditioning to mellow right out

For me this it might be a slippery slope to darker beers as ive always been a light / Amber drinker :p
Is the Jaffa recipe of Ross's on here somewhere?

I would be very interested in it.
Gav, cant claim that term myself. Came across it in reference to an american brewer ( SN?) using nibs in a porter/stout i think.
Pretty cool nomenclature though.
Troopa, did you put in the 2 vanilla beans ?
Was thinking of using them or a bit of french oak for more complexity.

Punkin, jaffa porter sounds good, bit like a terrys choc orange? Wouldnt mind having a go at that

Have you looked into using Choc extract?
I woulda of thought the cocoa would ferment out, or am I missing something here?
I'm looking into doing a Choc stout, might start with a Youngs double Choc stout.
The cocoa i have is 100%.
Breakdown on box :

Fat 12%
Carbo 47.2% (1.9% sugars)

Not much sugar to ferment out so should be good i hope. The fat content is my only concern but others have used it so assume ok.

Thanks, but there is only a double choc porter on there.

I'll PM him
no probs. i reckon its just the chic stout recipe with orange peel and coriander seed but if ya do get it, plz post the recipe (with permission if course). my recent choc stout with dry hopped centennial isnt a choc orange but is tasty.

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