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Hi all,

I bought a commercial scale water filter last night from a company in Melbourne called Plastic Plumbing and Irrigation. I was after something to take some of the chlorine out of the water and these things are a cannister with a screw top, an inlet and an outlet. They're on sale right now for $56 including an activated charcoal filter which is a bargain, Bunnings have just the equivalent cannister on sale alone for around $110 at the moment!!!
Is the carbon filter granular, or powder.

what micron rating does the filter go down to...

is 10 micron available.....

I am thinking of filtering my beer.....

Check out, go into the site and then the 'order online and downloads' section. Click on 'download catalogs' and choose section 5, 'filters and accessories'. On the top right of page 5 is a crappy picture of the unit. It's about a foot long and around 5 inches in diameter. There are two fitting points in the screw-in lid, one for inlet and one for outlet. I've got some standard 3/4 inch garden hose connectors screwed into them. I think the part number is 530 0506.

The activated charcoal filter is part 531 0054 C1. I couldn't tell you any more detail about it, you'd have to ring. Again, there's a picture at the top of that page. There are other filters available from the shop, some are granular carbon.

I'm happy because a similar unit sells at Reeces or Bunnings at $110 for the cannister and $40 for the filter. I borrowed one of these from a friend and it made a big difference to the beer so I've been after one but $150 is pretty expensive. These units are USA made and seem to be identical. Who knows, maybe they're not? I dunno. I used it to fill a fermenter with 15L of Melbourne tap water for an apple cider on Monday, so maybe in a couple of weeks I can tell you how it went :)

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