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big d

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guys im having trouble getting my mind around this one.i currently use an immersion chiller.the hot break forms and is left in the bottom of the kettle.if/when i purchase a counterflow chiller where does the hot break end up.?
surely it doesnt go straight into the fermenter.
does it get pumped back into the kettle until the desired temp is achieved then into the fermenter?


big d
your refering to the cold break bigd and yes that will end up in the fermentor you can let it sit and rack it of if you like but i don't know anyone who does.
maybe lager brewers may do this but i don't know anyone who's had any probs fermenting ales ontop of the cold break.

cheers jayse
thanks jayse.
i found a pic on the web that explains it pretty well.usa of course

Big D,

Do you have a link. For some perverse reason I keep a scrap book of these beasts at brewiki: chiller gallery

BTW if anyone is looking for something to braze copper pipe, Bunnings has the portable Mapp gas torches going for $72 at the mo. Depending on exactly which model and where you buy it from, these are generally $120 (from memory). These things have their limits but they are hotter than propane.
Yes what's the link big d

That's my new chiller in the pic !

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