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try this one (hope its not one of the rude ones)

Vlad the Pale Aler said:
bollocks to this, how long does it take to upload a picture?
Your photos are over 600kb in size. AHB makes them into tumbnails, so that they fit into the thead. If you click the image, you'll see how large they actually are.

If you want to post huge pics like this to the web, it's best to put a 56K warning in the thread title. If you didn't, you should resize your pictures before posting them.

I use photoshop, which is probably over kill.
G'day Vlad,
Not withstanding Po Mo's comments above I had the same problem and what you need to do is after you have clicked on
"Add Reply" do not try to view or post anything else until the screen returns back to the forum.
In other words it does take a long time particularly if you are on dial up.
The pics of you brewery look interesting from what we can see.
Have you thought about putting them in the gallery on this forum?
Tell us about that rubbish bin that appears to be an underletting mash tun. How are you sparging. What are you using as a filter?
Thanks or the tech info, will try and reduce file size next time, still learning.

A brief explanation is in order. The HLT is a 30l, 2400w hot water urn with ball valve and quickconnect to mash tun. The "rubbish bin" is actually the mash tun, its a drinking water cooler. galv outer shell, insulated wall and SS inner inner shell.
It had a rainwater tank tap fitted which was replaced with a ball valve connected to SS braided hose for lautering, (I think the yanks refer to this as a bazooka) the long quickconnect is used to drain into the SS keg kettle through another ball valve and a 3 ring burner with low pressure reg to boil it up. I am confirmed batch sparger and regularly reach over 85% eff with this set up. Cooling is by the worlds ugliest immersion chiller, you may also be able to see the hop basket sitting inside it, termimesh and a flour sifter. There you have it.

If your Mum had let you go to the Perth gathering, you would know that your immersion chiller ranks number 2 in the worlds ugliest. But ugly works.

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