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I've been brewing kits for about 2 years now and only just started to get more adventurous. I tried culturing the yeast from a Coopers Sparkling Ale king brown to pitch into my brew. All went well for primary ferementation with SG dropping to 1010 and bubbling in the airlock.
I tried a secondary fermentation for the first time by racking the brew into another fermenter and leaving it for around 7 days (at about 16 degC).
When I bottled into stubbies, I tried 30 with 6g of dextrose and 30 with 3g of sucrose priming sugar. I then left these for 3 weeks.
Upon opening one of each (ie one primed with dextrose, one primed with sucrose) I was shocked to see absolutely no bubbles at all in either. And the beer was sickly sweet. I have had this experience before when priming with dextrose, but not with sucrose.

Does my lack of carbonation have something to do with the secondary fermentation, and there not being enough yeast in each bottle to produce carbonation? or is it to do with the way I cultured the yeast? Maybe my yeast died? Or is it someting else?
Any ideas? has this happened to anyone else?

What temp were the bottles at after you bottled them ?
If they were too cold bottle fermentation might not have got going yet.

Try holding them around 20 deg for 10 days and open another bottle.

What Doc said. But you could also give each bottle a shake, as its possible the yeast decided to stick at the bottom instead of doing its job.

Its real hard to kill yeast. If you definitely put sugar in the bottle, and the bottle is at fermentation temperature, and the yeast is in contact with the sugar, and the cap is sealed, then its very very hard for them to avoid gassing up.

Unless of course, you have offended the brew gods, in which case you are buggered.
Thanks guys, that could be it. I've just moved house and the new place has a room under the house, kinda like a cellar and I put the bottles in there. Maybe it was too cold.

Will shake them and keep them somewhere warmer and see how I go.


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