Cant Find 7oz Pilsner Glasses

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Currently trying to buy Pilsner 7oz glasses. Cant find them anywhere. Everyplace has 10oz and 15oz glasses but not sevens. Anyone know where you can buy them?

I assume you have been to BigW, Target ,etc. I even got a pair of dimpled pint glasses(600ml mug) from Priceline at $1.50 each.
Yeah tried all the places like that and a whole lot of other places. :(

It seems to me that these days bigger is always considered better. I wanted to have 7oz (200ml) glasses so I could offer them to my neighbours and we could have 2 or 3 small beers and still be able to get back to yard work or whatever.

On a related note... Here in Queensland we used to walk into any pub and ask for a beer and get a 7oz or ask for a pot and get a 10oz(285ml). These days its a 10 or a 15(?) with all funny names and no bar staff even have heard of a beer (being a 7oz)... Do I sound like a old fogey?? B)
Old fogey? Parochial and stingey too! Can't handle big beers with southern names? I bet you resist wearing neck ties to the office too. :D And lets see, you brew 23l for between $15-20 and you can't afford to give your neighbours and extra 85ml? :p

BTW looking forward to tasting your latest creation :chug: but then again, after this I may not be welcome!
Dont worry folks... Bunz is a mate.

In answer to your questions... yep, yep, yep and yep. And then nope it aint that... its the missus on ya back about gettin something done...

Yeah you can always try one... I just love pouring them... kegging is great mate.
So Bunz and Nearly,

when are we going to start up the Western Brisbane/Ipswich homebrew club? It's a great reason to drink more beer! yeah yeah - like I need a reason...

- Snow
Good idea. We've got the inaugral members. We've got the location.

Is anyone else out there part of a club? How is it organised? :huh: Do people just rock up to a set location on a set date to drink and swap war stories or is it more formalised with topics discussed, methods shown etc before the beer and chin-wag?

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