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I've racked to my second fementer... and already put my first fermenter back into service with a new brew! The problem is i need to bulk prime by secondary soon and i won't have a free vessel. I'd rather not buy another as i've already exceeded my monthly brewing budget. I do have a "bakers" bucket i could transfer to, then clean the fermentor and rack back into it... but that would involve more sterilising and chance of contamination.

What i wanted to know is can you bulk prime by just adding the dissolved sugar/hot water to the top of the 2ndary and give a gentle stir to homogenise??

There is minimal sediment in the 2ndary, which is i assume the reason you would rack off to bulk prime to avoid stirring/mixing the sediment???

Is adding priming sugar to the top of my 2ndary a complete NO NO??

can anyone tell me what the consequences might be?

thanks and cheers
Does the bakers bucket have a tap, if so just bottle straight from it. Rack & bulk prime as per normal.

Personally I wouldn't chuck the sugar in the secondary as there will still be crud on the bottom and you will end up with this in your bottles (you would also have to give it a good stir).

If it was me I would either bottle from the bucket or do as you have said and wash the fermenter and rack back to it then bottle. If you do do it that way I would still add the sugar solution to the bucket so by the time it gets back in the fermenter it will be well and truly mixed.

If you do the bakers bucket transfer method - you will have to watch aeration - ie not get any.

Therefore will need to syphon back into the bottom of the fermenter.
Alternatively, fit a fermenter tap to the bakers bucket as Jason says and bottle from there.

Hope this helps
Rack into the bucket to bulk prime. If the bucket doesn't have a tap, Steralise a bit of food grade hose (costs bugger all at hardware store) and siphon into your bottles.

Because of the greater risk of infection at this stage, you don't really want to slosh your beer between buckets too much.
thanks guys, think i will fit a tap to the bucket as suggested!! better get to it then i guess...
Worst case, don't bulk prime.
Just prime the bottles and bottle direct from secondary.

why not transfer to bakers bucket, clean fermentor, add dissolved sugar and rack or godawfully slowly poured beer from top of fermenter.

Or buy a tap from bunnings, cut hole in bucket and place tap on the bucket!!!
i use a bakers bucket to prime in it cost me nothing other than the threaded tap which has 2 nuts and a i drilled a hole with a spade bit it works well and io pit an old teal towell oveer the top to stop bugs getting
Better still,

Invest in a kegging system..no more bottles..no more waiting two weeks to try beer.

No more hassles !

well worth the outlay
what do you do jm if you want to take a few to a party? Do you have a couple of kegs always cold?
Yes u could wedge,

Not hard to bottle a few from the keg..u should research and find out about it..not hard to do..

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