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Ok... so I just payed a lot for some Euro porn, and after trying to fight suction when lifting my malt pipe I nearly popped a frigging hernia...

Any tips for overcoming that suction exerted when lifting the malt pipe... I really don't want this to be a two man jobby...

hints tips welcome..
Cheers legends...

Euro Porn, suction device and maybe a two man jobby....I'm very very worried :lol:

HAHAHHAH Why do my posts always end up like this????
Oh well... Hope there are some useful comments as well...

PS Adam, farking hilarious mate... see you at the Chrissie meeting!

You're welcome, I'm here to help.
Thanks Kris,

If I could was confident standing on our table with the BM I would easily be able to lift it past the suction... but I am a little scared of crashing down in a 60L scalding electrical firestorm of 'I am single now'-ness.
I brew on my balcony, so no block and tackle for me... I was thinking last night of some sort of snorkel/straw thing that I could insert... Kind of like when you strawpedo a breezer, if you get my drift...

We can't be the only people with this prob, but apart from hearing people bitch about the suction, I haven't seen too many solutions for the prob.

Maybe the Germans like to brew in duos???

Thanks for reply tho mate.

Frigging hell I was hung-over after the chrissie party btw... :(
Lift the malt pipe and let it sit on the same studs the handle is used to lift, after a minute lift it to the draining studs. This will help quite a bit. and you need to get right over top of it if you can.
After 40 of so brews I did this, why didn't I do it earlier and save on undies?

Have you tried lifting your malt pipe 'sideways'?

What I mean by that is, once you have lifted it up to the 'suction point', concentrate on lifting more on one side of the handle rather than evenly on both sides.
That way it should be easier to break the suction and get some air under your pipe.

Alternatively you can swap yours against my 20L version, no suction issues there. It's a small price to pay for a saved hernia, just think of all those chiropractor bills... I'll even drive all the way over to your place to facilitate the swap. Let me know what date suits you.


Cool... thank's Batz... I guess I just need to organise some stools/crates etc to allow me to get over the top of it...

Not an easy lift though, I am sure you will agree. Lifting to the first peg is easy, but then lifting to draining was nigh impossible last night. Especially after the quite lengthy 50 rest mash it did!

Will do straight infusion next time methings to speed things up....
Crap.. just realised I misspelled braumeister....

lisp joke anyone????
I used to stand on two lower bar stools to lift mine, it was heavy but I didn't thing it was too bad, even for an old bloke like me.

Try lifting it to the first pegs and then make a hole in it with your mash paddle.....or you could try a tea spoon of cement. Sorry someone was going to say it sooner or later. :p :lol:

That's a hole in the grain bed, not the malt pipe. ;)

Batz :ph34r:
Sampling while posting? LOL

PS Do you want me to make your sig slightly smaller? :p

YESSSSSSS pleeeeassse... actually mate, can you just come over for a brew this week and we can sort out a few of my computer-tard related issues....
...and we can sort out a few of my computer-tard related issues....

Like missing posts in your own thread because they were posted just before you pressed the post button on your own post? <_<

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