Bought me a fridge... doesn't 'work' :-(

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I bought an Inkbird and (separately) a pre-loved wine fridge to ferment beer in. The fridge was off and warm when I picked it up and being the trusting sort I parted with the cash and slid the fridge *on its side* into my Forester. It wasn't until next day (24hrs max) that I got the fridge out of the car and set it upright and level for a test run. All lights and LEDs function and the compressor hums softly and feels quite warm after a few hours running BUT the temp doesn't drop below ambient. I can confidently say it is not cooling one jot.

I have SINCE read more about moving fridges and 'on its side' is not ideal but if you do, wait a day after standing it upright before powering it up. I did not wait at all. several other attempts at leaving it off for 24 hrs and powering up have not changed its behavior.

I believe the previous owner who says "it always worked fine" and offered to refund my $, but it's an ideal size for my modest needs and if I can get it running for not much more $ I will. I doubt a tecnician call-out and repair will cost less than another hundy though :-(

Any expert opinion out there as to cause or remedy?
I think you're looking a gift horse in the mouth not taking that refund - as you currently have a useless box. IMHO thats a very generous offer by the seller - for me I like to demo before they take so that we both KNOW I held up my end of the deal and it's caveat emptor after that for them.

You didn't mention what you paid for it - which to me implies it was very little. But the chances of you being able to repair would be slim & a pro repair will not be cost feasible.

I'd grab that generous and kind refund offer while you can - and grab one of the many suitable ones that will come up in time, it's not like it's a rare item - or even place a WANTED ad as many folks are too lazy to list themselves but will jump all over knowing someone wants their unused stuff.
Most wine fridges are generally just thermo electric so dont have a compressor and as such wont cool much below ambient, look for a large bar fridge that is all fridge and no freezer compartment.

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