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Just a question about bottling beer from a keg. The keg is NOT carbonated but has been cc in the fridge for 4 weeks or so. I want to bottle some beer from the keg and carbonate the bottles with carbination drops. Will this work? Will there be any yeast in the beer to carbonate with the carbionation drops. Anybody tried it and does it work?

Not a problem it will carbonate (unless the OG was 1.065 or over)
Why not gas it up and bottle from the keg though?
Thanks Darren
I have never tried bottling from a carbonated keg. Could you please give me a quick run down on the procedure? Can I use a long neck twist top to do this?

I can try but I have had a few so may not be coherant. Cool th ekeg as low as you can without freezing (2degC). Gas the begeeezus out of it, full throttle, top it up every day or so. Leave for a few days. Slowly bleed the excess gas off the keg intil it stops hissing.
Turn your gas dial right down until it barely hisses as it enters the keg (only enough to push the beer).
Place your bottle under the tap (tilt it as if you were pouring a beer into a glass) fill and cap.
Trial end error will see you through.
Pre-chilling of the bottles will also help.
I think that Pint Of Lager (POL) has the easiest and best method (hose and no tap).
Hopefully she will see this and help.
I bottled 5 x 500ml bottles yesterday arvo to take to a party last night.
I have a picnic tap connected to a disconnect for doing this rather than going via the font taps. I also have a section of racking tube that fits on the end of the picnic tap so I can fill from the bottom of the bottle.

So now that you have an idea of the parts, this is my method.

Clean and sterlise the bottles. Put plastic wrap over the tops and pop them in the freezer for 10 mins to cool down.
Take them out one at a time and put the tube down to the bottom and with the pressure down on the keg fill them up slowly pulling the tube up and bringing the bottle upright as you go. This way you will get minimal foaming and should be able to fill all the way to the top.

i just fill mine straight from the tap @ low pressure. i don't even chill the bottles, with no problems at all & i do this several times a week - i'm sure all the above help - just trial & find out what works for you....

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