Bottled Water For Rinsing Yeast?

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I've been using boiled and cooled water for the yeast rinsing process, and I am now getting in troube from SWMBO for storing bottles of boiled water in the fridge and taking up space. It's hard enough keeping beer in there!

Can I just buy a slab of cheapo supermarket bottled water and use that, or is it not sterile or has too high a mineral content or something? I've seen some reference to using it around here, but nothing definitive one way or another.


no need to pay for it mate, I keep a 2L jug full of cooled boiled water at all times with glad wrap lid and a rubber band and keep it on the shelf in the shed.. at ambient as this is the temp you will be rinsing at...

I have used cheap bottled water on a number of occasions without an issue but cooled boiled water is cheaper.
Cooled boiled water is exactly that, doesn't need to be refrigerated. Supermarket water works too but why pay more?
I have and still sometimes when i cant be bothered filtering and boiling my rainwater.

I grab small mount franklin bottles pack on special, FYI it has next to nothing in regards to mineral content. Pretty sure Frantelle has a pretty good levels of minerals and prob not ideal for storing yeast, i think peats ridge has reasonably low levels as well.

I make the assumption that a freshly opened bottle is as close to sterile as needed for my use.
Unfortunately I brew in a small flat, so space is a massive issue. We've got an RO Water plant at work, so if I had my druthers, I'd fill a cube and use that, but unfortunately a lack of space rears it's ugly head. I could put it in the store room downstairs, but of course, that's for beer!

I'm thinking the bottled water might be good because I can just jam the bottles under the sideboard until I'm ready to use them, thereby having a ready supply of clean water and creating domestic harmony in one fell swoop. Unlike leaving jugs sealed with gladwrap and old softdrink bottles everywhere.


What about soda water? I think I've seen 1L bottles of black and gold for under 1 dollars
perhaps sterilise some bottles,then boil some water ,cool it,bottle it and store in the bottom of a cupboard (away from a light source).
make the best of limited space .
dunno about the need to refridgerate the water?,but i guess if need so bung what you need in fridge before you start .

I rinse my yeast with cooled, boiled wort.

By chucking the whole lot in the next batch.

If you can taste 20ml of trub in 20L of beer you're a freakin weirdo. Stope being so girly and make beer.
I'm with Frothie, you're assuming it is sterile. Pretty sure it's just bottled tap water.

Go nuts and fill a few spare tallies and cap them!!