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How does everyone filter the hops/trub in their kettle/boiler?

I constructed a small filter out of some termi-mesh, and tested it for the first time today. Got to 5 or so litres out of the 18-19 I was trying to drain, and it got clogged. Hop flowers (I used plug hops) covered the filter. To drain the rest I had to stand there with my spoon/paddle pushing the hops away from the filter every second or so.

A pic of the filter
And, another.

This looks like it would work great in theory, and it did work great for a little while. Has anyone got any suggestions, or should I just start using hop bags? :(
I also have a filter on the outlet of my problems to date as long as it stays in place during the boiling and cooling process. Not as fine mesh as the one you show, about a 3mm aperture if I recall right.....doesn't clog up, but obviously won't remove as much material either....maybe a second coarser screen over the outside of the finer one may be worth a try.

perhaps if you get a much larger surface area'd filter it could still flow?

or if you get a sieve (sp?) (you know, like a bowl-shaped strainer) upside down with your pipe stuck through the side of it (ie: -n) :blink:

Did you get your problem solved ?
I never used to have a problem, but the last couple of brews in my boiler (the same as yours) I've had problems with my scubber filter clogging.
Happened again last weekend and I ended up ripping off the scrubber and using pantyhose to filter on the other side of the tap.
The problem with this was even it filled up with all the hops. Seems to be much more of a problem with hop pellets over flowers as I've started using more pellets lately.
I've attached a pic of my scrubber in place.
Ironically on my other boiler I have nothing but I mounted the tap higher. Then using pantyhose again on the outside I have no problem.


PS: I do whirlpool.

sorry guys but I don't have a pic of my boiler, my tap is about 8 cm above the bottom of the keg with a 45 degree bend and an extension so that it terminates about 5 mm above the bottom of the pot. At brew time I simply slide a copper scourer under to pipe sort of flat on the bottom of the pot for max surface area. I manage to drain all my wort less about 300ml and it comes out crystal clear. I do use hop flowers only and not pellets but this way I seem to filter all the hot and cold break.