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Now im sure most of you have at some point or another poured beer on onions on the BBQ, it gives them a great flavour, i was thinking about brewing a smallish (say 8L) batch of "BBQ beer" something strong, smoky and that will give the onion/steak/rice a real malty flavour.

Anyone done such a thing?

any thoughts on the matter?
BBQ Beer.

I have brewed a batch - once and only once - of Morgans Yukon Brown Smokey Ale.

One stubbie had at ste like smoked cheese...really nice.
The next was like drinking a bush fire.

The only use was for the BBQ - added a nice smoked aroma / taste - so I thought.

However, SHMBO didn't like it - so it became lawn fertiliser.

Any one else made this?
As far as I am aware, Yukon Smoked Brown changed its formula recently so as to be quite a deal less smokey than it was before.

I made a smoked beer about 9 months ago and used way too much smoked grain in the bill (about 500g). It was undrinkable for a few months, but lately the smokeyness has diminished dramatically and I now consider it to be quite a nice drop.

As far as using beer for cooking, I have marinated steaks in stout before with excellent results, and the afore mentioned smoked beer has been used very well for the same purpose.


Stout stews are brilliant.
Get some cheap diced beef, brown it with some (2) onions. Add a cup or so of beef stock, a stubbie of your choice of stout (or a longneck if you want a strong stout flavour to the dish), 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. Chuck in some diced potatos (2) , sliced carrot (2) , thickly sliced celery (3 sticks?). Mix it all up, put it in an oven dish and cook it for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Lovely stuff.

Sorry if the recipe isnt very accurate but i just go by whatever i've got :)

Look around on the net for "guinness stew" and i'm sure you'll find a few recipes.
You could have a beer while sampling this delcious and simple honey/lemon chicken soup.

Honey and Lemon Soup
To make 2 litres of chicken stock
1 chicken
2 large carrots
1 brown onion
2 bay leaves
head of celery
bulb of garlic
2 stalks of lemon grass
4 litres of water
tbsp salt

For the soup
6 lemons
250g honey

Spring onion

To make the stock
Hit the lemon grass stalks with the back of a knife to break up the fibres. Tie them in a knot so they will sit in the pot. Roughly chop the celery, carrots, and onion. Put all the stock ingredients, including the chicken, in to a large pot and bring to the boil, then simmer for an hour and a half.

After the stock has cooled for about an hour, remove the chicken thighs and strain the remainder through a colander. Put the stock into the fridge for about an hour and a half. Fat will solidify on top of the stock. Remove as much of the fat as possible.

To make the soup
Juice the lemons. Put the honey and lemon juice in a saucepan on a gentle heat until warm. Add a litre of the chicken stock to the lemon and honey and heat without boiling.

You can eat this soup as it is or you can add some of the thigh meat from the chicken.

Garnish each bowl with a little shredded spring onion.

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