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Hey all,
My last brew was dr smurtos golden ale, and the doc was kind enough to make me a beersmith file to match my equipment setup (2x 70L pots - mash and kettle) so everything was a breeze.
I don't have the recipe handy but for a 25L batch the total water needed was around 45L.
This Monday I plan to do my second AG brew (this time a Wit beer), and I'm using the recipe that came with beer smith.
SO onto my question.
Why is it that this time round, having setup my own equipment profile to match my 70L pots does the recipe call for a total of 54L of water?? This seems like way too much?
I remember on my last brew I never had to 'top up with water' as I always seemed to hit my desired levels. I have a feeling this time round I'm going to be way over the mark with my levels and in turn end up with a low gravity, watery beer?
Have I Fkd up my equipment profile somewhere? I Do recall there being a lot of sections that I was unsure of when filling out all the details.
What are your thoughts on this?
is the recipe your attempting now, the same batch size as the previous one?

Also, under the design tab....where you select your probably shows your equipment as being already selected, but i've found sometimes i actually need to go into the equipment and reselect it to tell the program what i'm using..

just a couple of thoughts..
How did you change the recipe to use your equipment?
If you just changed the equipment on its own it will give you wierd numbers sometimes.
Best way is to use the scale recipe button. ( First button on the left on the Home tab when your recipe is open)

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