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Searched the Beersmith 2 threads but could not find a ref to this problem. Found some details here BS Forum

started over...uninstalled...reinstalled... deleted my recipes...created new from scratch and now things to be ok.

Don't want to do this! Surely there has to be a fix? I have Version 2.0.57 but the problem still exists.

When designing or altering recipes I round mash volumes. To begin with a Water/Grain Ratio of 2.75 is entered then I round the volume to the nearest litre. If I set the mash in volume to lets say 16L then print the brew steps sheet the water volume has changed to 16.001L. If I go into the mash schedule and change the volume to 16.000L the volume changes immediately to 16.001L in the mash details window.

Not a problem, just a bug that is pissing me off, anyone else noticed this/have a fix????


Maybe I'm just cranky at having to work on beerday :angry:
Yeah i get the same thing... and do as you do round up, but it won't keep it. So now on brewday i just round it off anyway and ignore the brewsheet
I've noticed this. I have a suspicion that it happens because the actual underlying storage of these values are done in american imperial units - ounces, pounds and gallons - and converted each time it's displayed.... that would certainly explain the weirdness. If i'm correct, i'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about it either...
I've had this problem for a while now (Version 2.0.57) & just do what argon does --- ignore it.
One can only hope the next upgrade contains a fix? It's bloody irritating.
If AndrewQLD reads this thread perhaps he can help sort it out?

I don't have that problem on Build 2.0.54 Screwy, I will check to see if it's a prob;em with upgrades since then.
Update didn't effect it.

I think you need to go into Tools>options>units and change your mash volume units from 3 or 4 down to 2 that should sort you out.

Update didn't effect it.

I think you need to go into Tools>options>units and change your mash volume units from 3 or 4 down to 2 that should sort you out.


Thanks Andrew,

Will fiddle with that, thought it may have been a problem with field formatting (double/long integer format) so sent an email to Brad.



The problem is subtle rounding that occurs when an item is written out to two digits and read in again with the same number of digits. Internally it is in binary which is not an exact number.

It is on my list of items to fix - I believe I can correct it in the next release.


Brad Smith

I get annoying little errors like that during step mash. I have it set to 3L/kg for mash in and all other steps. Some times when adding a step - 52 - 64 - 72 - 78 one will say to add -0.01L and the next step +0.01L even though all steps have 3L/kg and I've used temperature type (rather than decoction or infusion). Displays an error message but I just ignore it. Version 2.0.40 as I haven't bothered updating to latest build yet.
I replicated your problem by extending the decimal point to 3 places (mine has always been set at 2) in the mash volumes option dialogue, it works fine when it's set to 2 decimal places so I'd just set it at that until Brad sorts out the fix..


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