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I just spotted this program by accident, and watched it. Anyone else see it? This bloke is sitting down reading the Sunday paper. His wife is watching TV. He's fidgeting, and his foot starts nervously tapping. He slowly puts the paper down, casts his wife a sideways glace, and heads downtairs to the basement garage.

Next thing he's got this drill shoved in the side of a meat mincer with a dirty big hopper on top. There's grain flying everywhere. Then he's pouring it into his lauter tun. They didn't show any more of his brewing, but he showed us his chiller too, as he immersed it in his (empty) kettle.

There was a hb club meeting, where he was a member. The narrator explained that speakers must be aware and responsible for other members' eager anticipation of the tasting (don't yap too long).

There were a couple of beer writers interviewed, who both thought they'd died and went to heaven when they landed their jobs. Then there was a visit to Castlemain Brewery.

Then they had a segment for beer can collectors. There was a recent convention.

Anyway, presumably some of you will know these brewers. I didn't get any names.
Got the series on video(If you know what I mean)

"Beer: an insiders guide"
Sounds different to the insiders guide Linz. I watched that and it didn't have any drama as described by dickTed :unsure:

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