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WOW, thats all I can say at the moment. Has anyone else got some comments on this great tasting brew? I would like to give a run down on it but am far from an expert so I wont even try. This is the first beer i have tried that contains rye in the malt bill and I think its bloody fantastic! Has a great hop hit to it but the rye gives a really distinctive after taste, something I haven't tasted in a brew before
Grabbed one today, extremely excited to taste it along with others from bear republic and green flash. Wasn't sure what to expect because the last rye beer I had was horrible but this and reviews give me hope.

Will post again how it goes when I sample it :D
It's fantastic. I have pretty much had it every night since it came into stock. Such a huge beer though. It only has 18% Rye, but it is so thick, malty, super hoppy, but that Rye gives it that cool spicy finish.

The Mountain Goat Rye IPA arrived in WA earlier this week. Much more seasonable, but very good, and as with most Mountain Goat limited releases, good value for money.
Great beer. I asked the guys at the international beer shop if i was missing any good ones and they pointed it out. All i can say is hell yeah im glad they did.

Super hoppy but a little something extra with the mouthfeel. Though after a few other big beers I wasn't in a state to give a thorough tasting!
I wonder who pointed it out ;)


I usually have that. Then after an hour of getting through it, have a hop head red, or a west coast IPA, and that's all I can handle.
haha totally didnt see your post before :/

if it was you then cheers ;D very good suggestion. Can't help myself in the shop its lucky you guys dont have trolleys put it that way!

May have to give the mountain goat a go as well, I avoided ryes since having a ridiculously overpowering one once. Still got the green flash beers, can't wait.